Baby Shower After All For Kate Middleton?


It seems to be a yes, no, yes topic whether Kate Middleton will have a baby shower or not.  We have gathered a couple of articles saying the Queen is ok with it and then that the Queen is not ok with a baby shower for Kate. Kate Middleton Baby Shower — Pregnant Duchess Breaking [Read On]

Why Kate Middleton Won’t Have a Baby Shower – ABC News


  Are you wondering why the newest royal mom to be is not having a baby shower? Turns out in the Uk baby showers are just now catching on and with the Royal couple being extremely wealthy an extravagant baby shower would be inappropriate. Read more about this story from the source – ABC News [Read On]

No Baby Shower for Kate Middleton


Kate Middleton Skipping a Baby Shower? (via NewsLook) We are counting down the days until the arrival of the royal baby, but one milestone we may not get to see is a baby shower.