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Welcome to Your Baby Shower Planner Guest Authors. We are a curation site but the right way and we use CommentLuv Premium and also Zemanta.

What we want from you:

A guest post centered around anything that has to do with Baby Showers.

The right to use your / the image in Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Slideshare.net

The Promotion you will receive for your post from Your Baby Shower Planner will include:

3-5 tweets that will continue to go out from http://yourbabyshowerplanner.com ‘s ¬†twitter account w/ your user name and linking back to your guest post here at http://yourbabyshowerplanner.com

Your site will be directly linked in your post.

All your social media profiles will be added to the post or a plugin will be used to display your links.

The post will be pinned in Pinterest linking to your post on http://yourbabyshowerplanner.com, but then once they visit they have access to all your yummy back link love.

A collaborative board in Pinterest featuring all guest author’s posts and highlighting you as a guest author.

Your post will be featured on http://yourbabyshowerplanner.com ‘s Facebook Page

Instagram of your post image with invitation to visit post.

(I am sure I will come up with other ideas for additional promotions.)

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